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Product Synergy:
Our synergy is based on the three core segments of Automation, Controls and Electromechanical products. Each product segment has products that rely upon interconnection by at least one other segment. This type of synergy gives us a direct link to business expansion for maximum sales opportunity. We can develop a comprehensive BOM and bring quality solutions to a customer before, during and after the design phase.

Channel Synergy:
SierraWestron Inc. consistently maintains and develops partnerships with a wide variety of distributors. These include NAED, NEDA, EASA, PTDA and HTDA organizations. These relationships allow us to mutually amplify sales efforts and penetrate into many customer types while offering your company the option of new distribution channels for strategically planned growth.

Customer Synergy:
OEM and Industrial sales, no matter how formal, requires relationships at the core. It can be a technical support relationship or one of trust, counseling and service. But, ultimately the sales effort within the OEM’s are not always focused on one engineer or decision maker. They’re often multi-faceted with different product models, departments, divisions and groups. This synergy within our customer relationships is leveraged to access the multi-model, inter-departmental or divisional opportunities.