Global Products

Our product offering is designed for the OEM and Industrial markets and addresses the globalization of the industrial economy. Many of our products address the OEM and integrator application requirements of UL, CSA, IEC, ANSI, CE, NEMA, SEMI-S2, F47 and ROHS/WEEE.

Globalization of the OEM:
The customer base of the northern, CA and Nevada territory is unique. Industries range from high tech makers of semiconductor capital equipment or electro-medical manufacturers, to essential type equipment such as food processing, woodworking and transportation systems. In all cases, these OEM’s build equipment with attention to global standards where equipment exporting is required.  In some cases, the international standards are equally as relevant as US standards. These global standards requirements are becoming an increasingly important part of OEM specifications and our product offering.

Multi Standard Compliant Products:
The representation of products that meet global standards is integral to assembling the offering. While the US and Europe are  reciprocating the utilization of standards, the manufacturers of controls, automation and electromechanical products have recognized this and often incorporate international approvals and design elements into new products for the OEM and industrial customers.