Our Value Proposition

SierraWestron Inc. is a premier manufacturers rep organization head-quartered in Pleasanton, CA (east bay).

In 2007, we formed our Renewable Energy product group to service the rapid growth of the alternative energy industry. This focus is driven by niche products within our current lines.

Our Value Proposition

Roughly 80% of sales are OEM and 20% industrial/commercial.

The company has partnerships with 165 distributors (POP Locations) in 5 associations. These associations are NEDA, NAED, HTDA, EASA, & PTDA.


Northern California and Western Nevada.


The company has dual and intentionally overlapping product categories. One side is dedicated to Control & Automation,products and the other to Power and Electro-mechanical components. In both cases, the 80% OEM & 20% Industrial/User customer base are strong influences to the product offering.